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Apr 01, 2011 Web Globalization: How Well Does Your Company Score?
Mar 30, 2011 Word of Mouth: Introducing Voice Search for Indonesian, Malaysian and Latin American Spanish
Posted by Linne Ha, International Program Manager Read more about the launch of Voice Search in Latin American Spanish on the Google América Latina blog. Today we are excited to announce the launch of Voice Search in Indonesian, Malaysian, and Latin American Spanish, making Voice Search available in over two dozen languages and accents since our first launch in November 2008.
Mar 25, 2011 Reading tea leaves in the tourism industry: A Case Study in the Gulf Oil Spill
Posted by Hyunyoung Choi and Paul Liu, Senior Economists A few years ago, our in-house economists, Hal Varian and Hyunyoung Choi, demonstrated how to “ predict the present ” with monthly visitor arrivals to Hong Kong. We took this idea further to see if search queries could predict the future.
Mar 20, 2011 Politique: Les drapeaux de Marine
Je viens d'écouter Marine Le Pen sur TF1, radieuse et ravie bien sûr de ce qu'elle appelle elle-même avec quelque humour la « vague bleu Marine » — j'ai le sentiment que l'expression fera recette ! Mais au-delà des mots, sans vouloir concurrencer les vrais pros , je ne peux m'empêcher de regarder les images, qui en disent souvent plus long que les mots...
Mar 17, 2011 XTM International Pushes the Promise of TMS in the Cloud
Mar 16, 2011 Games, auctions and beyond
Posted by Yossi Matias, Senior Director, Head of Israel R&D Center In an effort to advance the understanding of market algorithms and Internet economics, Google has launched an academic research initiative focused on the underlying aspects of online auctions, pricing, game-theoretic strategies, and information exchange. Twenty professors from three leading Israeli academic institutions - the Hebrew University , Tel Aviv University and the Technion - will receive a Google grant to conduct ...
Mar 15, 2011 Japanese Earthquake Highlights the Need for Multilingual Communications
Mar 10, 2011 Large Scale Image Annotation: Learning to Rank with Joint Word-Image Embeddings
Posted by Jason Weston and Samy Bengio, Research Team In our paper , we introduce a generic framework to find a joint representation of images and their labels, which can then be used for various tasks, including image ranking and image annotation. We focus on the task of automatic assignment of annotations (text labels) to images given only the pixel representation of the image (i.e., with no known metadata).
Mar 10, 2011 Building resources to syntactically parse the web
Posted by Slav Petrov and Ryan McDonald, Research Team One major hurdle in organizing the world’s information is building computer systems that can understand natural, or human, language. Such understanding would advance if systems could automatically determine syntactic and semantic structures. This analysis is an extremely complex inferential process.
Mar 01, 2011 Board of ELRA
To the Board Restricted Area As a non-profit organisation, the management of ELRA is entrusted to a Board. The Board consists of 9 elected members who reflect the various dimensions of the Language Resources and Evaluation field. They are elected by an open vote of all the ELRA members. Board Officers Board Members ; Gabor Prószéky ; MorphoLogic 1116 Budapest, Kardhegy u. 5., (…) - ELRA
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Mar 01, 2011 LISA Shuts Down Operations
Mar 01, 2011 At Work in the Cloud: Job Boards Add Value to Lionbridge GeoWorkz Platform
Feb 28, 2011 Slicing and dicing data for interactive visualization
Posted by Benjamin Yolken, Google Public Data Product Manager A year ago, we introduced the Google Public Data Explorer , a tool that allows users to interactively explore public-interest datasets from a variety of influential sources like the World Bank, IMF, Eurostat, and the US Census Bureau.
Feb 28, 2011 Query Language Modeling for Voice Search
Posted by Ciprian Chelba, Research Scientist About three years ago we set a goal to enable speaking to the Google Search engine on smart-phones. On the language modeling side, the motivation was that we had access to large amounts of typed text data from our users.
Feb 28, 2011 Politique: La bibliothèque de Nicolas Sarkozy
Il y aurait à dire sur les mots de Nicolas Sarkozy hier soir, aussi bien ceux qui sont bruyamment absents (pas un mot de remerciement pour MAM, qui, malgré ses erreurs récentes, a été l'un des principaux ministres de la République depuis 2002, et pas forcément le plus mauvais...), ou ceux qui ressurgissent (l'Union pour la Méditerranée, qui avait fait pschitt dès son annonce , et dont décidément personne ne veut depuis).
Feb 25, 2011 Where does my data live?
Posted by Daniel Ford, Senior Mathematician Have you ever wondered what happens when you upload a photo to Picasa, or where all your Gmail or YouTube videos are stored? How it is that you can read or watch them from anywhere at any time? If you stored your data on a single hard disk, like the one in your personal computer, then the disk would eventually fail and your data would be ...
Feb 25, 2011 A Runtime Solution for Online Contention Detection and Response
Posted by Jason Mars, Software Engineering Intern In our recent paper, Contention Aware Execution: Online Contention Detection and Response , we have made a big step forward in addressing an important and pressing problem in the field of Computer Science today. This work appears in the 2010 Proceedings of the International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization (CGO) and was awarded the CGO 2010 Best Presentation Award at the conference.
Feb 25, 2011 User-Generated Content Drives Lionbridge MT Beta Sites
Feb 25, 2011 Our Most Comprehensive Global Market Study Yet