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Jan 25, 2010 A Call for Social Tagging Datasets
Christian Körner and Markus Strohmaier, from the Graz University of Technology, in Austria, have published an article on social tagging datasets in the latest issue of the ACM SIGWEB Newsletter. Existing social tagging datasets have been listed there, including our 3 datasets: DeliciousT140, Wiki10+ and Social-ODP-2k9. Have a look at it! Share/Save
Jan 04, 2010 Keynote Speakers at LREC
This page provides the list of all the keynote speakers who have given a speech at the LREC conference. When available, the link to display or download the speech is provided. LREC 2010 Jaime Carbonell, Language Technologies Institute Carnegie Mellon University: MT and Resource Collection for Low- Density Languages Ralf Steinberger, European Commission, Joint Research Centre: Challenges and Solutions for Multilingual Text Mining Ray Fabri, Institute of Linguistics, University of Malta: (…) ...
Nov 16, 2009 Wiki10+: a Wikipedia-based social tagging dataset
Wiki10+, a dataset with 20,764 annotated English Wikipedia articles is now available for download. This dataset includes that many Wikipedia articles, with their corresponding social tags retrieved from Delicious. The dataset, including both articles’ content and social tags, can be downloaded from here. Share/Save
Aug 28, 2009 TaggedWiki: A prototype on tags over Wikipedia
I have recently prepared a prototype based on Wikipedia, integrating a tagging system on it. I did it for my presentation at Wikimania 2009, entitled “Enhancing Navigation on Wikipedia with Social Tags”. This prototype allows us to evaluate whether a social tagging system would improve and enhance article navigation and search on Wikipedia. Visit the [...]
Aug 28, 2009 Enhancing Navigation on Wikipedia with Social Tags (slides)
If you are interested in my presentation about “Enhancing Navigation on Wikipedia with Social Tags”, in Wikimania 2009, you can download the slides using the following links: English Spanish Share/Save
Aug 12, 2009 Enhancing Navigation on Wikipedia with Social Tags
My paper “Enhancing Navigation on Wikipedia with Social Tags” has been accepted for publication and presentation at Wikimania 2009, the 5th International Conference of the Wikimedia Foundation to be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from August 26 to 28, 2009. Abstract Social tagging has become an interesting approach to improve search and navigation over the [...]
Jul 27, 2009 Getting the Most Out of Social Annotations for Web Page Classification
Our paper “Getting the Most Out of Social Annotations for Web Page Classification” has been accepted for publication and presentation at DocEng 2009, the 9th ACM Symposium on Document Engineering to be held in Munich, Germany, from September 15 to 18, 2009. Abstract User-generated annotations on social bookmarking sites can provide interesting and promising metadata [...]
Jul 07, 2009 Tagging: People-Powered Metadata for the Social Web
I’ve recently read the book “Tagging: People-Powered Metadata for the Social Web“, by Gene Smith, an interesting overview on the art of tagging. I would recommend it to whomever is interested in discovering what tags mean, and even to those experts willing to deal with tagging in depth. Next, I present a brief summary on [...]
Dec 18, 2008 About ELRA
ELRA 55-57, rue Brillat-Savarin 75013 Paris France Tel: +33 1 43 13 33 33 Fax: + 33 1 43 13 33 30 RCS Luxemburg: F3233 VAT Intracom: LU 22972718 - ELRA
Nov 04, 2008 JLRE: Language Resources and Evaluation Journal
Language Resources and Evaluation (LRE), the official journal of ELRA, is the first international journal devoted to the acquisition, creation, annotation and use of language resources, together with methods for evaluation of resources, technologies and applications. Language resources include language data and descriptions in machine readable form used to assist and augment language processing applications, such as written or spoken corpora and lexica, multimodal resources, grammars, (…) - Language Resources (LRs) ...
Oct 06, 2008 R&D Catalogue
The R&D Catalogue is a subset of the Catalogue of Language Resources is now dedicated to academic research and provides a list of Language Resources, available at very affordable prices, and dedicated to a research use. So as to facilitate the access to this list, the interface and browsing tools are similar to those used in the Catalogue. - Language Resources (LRs)
Oct 06, 2008 Universal Catalogue
The Universal Catalogue comprises information regarding Language Resources (LRs) identified all over the world. These LRs are generally located by the ELRA team, but feedback from our members, collaborators, and web-site visitors is also included. The Universal Catalogue is publicly open to the general language-technology and language-studying communities so as to facilitate both LR search and storage to all LR users.
Oct 03, 2008 Board
To the Board Restricted Area As a non-profit organisation, the management of ELRA is entrusted to a Board. The Board consists of 9 elected members who reflect the various dimensions of the Language Resources and Evaluation field. They are elected by an open vote of all the ELRA members.
Oct 01, 2008 Latest studies
2006 Annual Market Study (available to ELRA members only) In July 2006, like every year and to improve its services, ELDA (Evaluations and Language resources Distribution Agency) has conducted a survey on Language Resource needs. For this purpose, six short open questions distributed via personalised emails were asked to our customers and partners.
Aug 07, 2008 LRs Announcements
YEAR 2010 ; 2009 ; 2008 ; 2007 ; Check out the Language Resources that have been announced in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. 2010 Jan ; Feb ; Mar ; Apr ; May ; Jun ; Jul ; Aug ; Sep ; Oct ; Nov ; Dec November 10 ELRA-E0036 CLEF AdHoc-News Test Suites (2004-2008) - Evaluation Package The CLEF AdHoc-News Test Suites (2004-2008) contain the data used for the main ...
Aug 06, 2008 Newsletters from 1996
YEAR 2010 ; 2009 ; 2008 ; 2007 ; 2006 ; 2005 ; 2004 ; 2003 ; 2002 ; 2001 ; 2000 ; 1999 ; 1998 ; 1997 ; 1996 Click the title of the newsletter to download the corresponding PDF. 2010 Vol.15 Nº1 & 2 CONTENTS Secretary General & President letter Introduction by Nicoletta Calzolari, Conference Chair Opening Ceremony Speeches: Stelios Piperidis, ELRA President, Khalid Choukri, ELRA Secretary General and ELDA ...
Jul 24, 2008 ELRA Workshop on Evaluation at LREC 2008
Looking into the Future of Evaluation LREC 2008 - 27 May 2008, Marrakech Held in conjunction with the 6th International Language Resources and Evaluation Conference () View/download the Workshop's Proceedings (PDF) Workshop Chairing Team Gregor Thurmair, Linguatec Sprachtechnologien GmbH, Germany - chair Khalid Choukri, ELDA - Evaluations and Language resources Distribution Agency, France - co-chair Bente Maegaard, CST, University of Copenhagen, Denmark - co-chair Workshop Programme (…) - ELRA Evaluation Workshops / ...