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@IxaGroup at the kick-off meeting of the NewsReader Project

Feb 07, 2013

@IxaGroup is one of the five partners in the consortium of the NewsReader Project (EU FP7 programme, grant 316404, Jan.2013 – Dec.2015) that was presented on Wednesday 23 January at VU University Amsterdam.

These are the five partners in the consortium:

The volume of news data is enormous and expanding, covering billions of archived documents and millions of documents as daily streams, while at the same time getting more and more interconnected with knowledge provided elsewhere.

Professional decision-makers that need to respond quickly to new developments faced with the problem that current solutions for consulting these archives and streams no longer work.
Consequently, it becomes almost impossible to make well-informed decisions and professionals risk to be held liable for decisions based on incomplete, inaccurate and out-of-date information.