LANGUNE is an association of Basque Country companies belonging to the Language Industry sector.

It was set up in January 2010 following two years’ work carried out by a working team formed in February 2008 within the Gipuzkoa Berritzen-Innobasque platform; it brings together over 35 companies in the Basque Country belonging to the fields of translation, content, teaching and language technology.

Langune sets out to support and consolidate the Basque Country’s Language Industry and give it cohesion, its main aim being to enhance the competitiveness and visibility of the sector and members of the association.

Two variables have been taken into consideration when defining the Language Industry:

  1. Language management being the object of the activity itself, or
  2. Operating in language management that provides market opportunities.An important economic sector is emerging as a result of the mobility and multilingualism brought by globalization: Language Industry. In the Basque Autonomous Community (region) this sector does in fact have an established tradition, and we are aiming to organise and activate this industrial economic sector through a revitalizing process in order to achieve the following:

To achieve a critical mass and viability of this emerging

  • To revitalise the agents driving the sector, and to foster co-operation
  • To attract other agents, even if they have not yet participated in the project, because they could find it of interest, or could have a significant role to play in it
  • To develop a sector that will be a benchmark in the language industry in Europe, while avoiding the duplication of efforts and achieving synergies
  • To address the challenges and carry out the projects identified by the sector
  • To work to achieve the coordination between the sector, other sectors, and the Administration