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Langune General Assembly

Mar 02, 2011

The Langune Association will hold its General Assembly on 15 March this year, in the city of Donostia-San Sebastián.

Langune, the Basque Association of Language Industries, will be holding its General Assembly on 15 March at 15:00 (convening for a second time at 15:30), in the University of the Basque Country Faculty of Computer Studies (P. Lardizabal 1. 20018 Donostia).

Josu Waliño, the Chairman of Langune, will give a presentation of the association, and then a second speaker will talk about the policies of the Basque administration.

The Langune Association was founded last year, in 2010, and encompasses more than 30 companies from different language industry areas, including translation, contents, education and language technology.