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"Let’s talk about multilingualism!"

Mar 04, 2013

@Langune is planning to attend the conference: "Let’s talk about multilingualism!", by Language Rich Europe, on 5 march in Brussels

European politicians will respond to the recommendations from the project’s research:

Speakers on that panel will be:  

  • Doris Pack, Member of the European Parliament, Head of Culture Committee
  • Kristina Cunningham, Head of Sector, Multilingualism policy, European Commission
  • Sjur Bergan, Head of Education Department, Council of Europe

The panel will be chaired Xavier North, Delegate-General for the French language and languages of France, Ministry of Culture and Communication.

@LanguageRich will tweet the recommendations and would like to hear your opinion on them and how you think they could be implemented in the best way.

@LanguageRich also have some questions for you:

  • What would be your European Recommendation on multilingualism?
  • What should be the future focus of multilingual policy?
  • Should languages present in communities be offered in schools and universities?
  • Do you think the European Commission’s trilingual formula of ‘mother tongue plus two’ is still enough?
  • Is the strong position of English threatening multilingualism?

Just follow (and use) the hashtag #LREaction – your tweets will be appearing on a twitter wall during the conference – have your say!