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@mondragonlingua Linguagaztea, innovation for english learning

Feb 17, 2014

MondragonLingua and Gaztea have signed an agreement to launch a new English learning system

The idea is to improve students' learning skills using the most popular music, with descriptions/explanations in Basque. MondragonLingua, a leader in the provision of language services, and the music radio station Gaztea, which holds a high audience share both offline and online, have jointly developed an innovative method for young Basque-speaking learners of English.

Based on today's most popular songs, MondragonLingua will focus on English learning concepts at the Gaztea facilities. The concepts will be explained in both English and Basque. Gaztea will contribute the facilities, the technology and the most listened-to English song among Basque youngsters every week.

Meanwhile, the audience will be able to visit the MondragonLingua website to review the concepts explained, do exercises, watch the video clip of the song or listen to the show broadcasting the song.

With this agreement, the two organisations seek to add value to the Basque society in the fields of learning and entertainment.