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@mondragonlingua provides interpreting services to death row survivor

Jul 23, 2013

In the interview given by American death row survivor Ray Krone to the Basque public radio, the interpreting department at Mondragon Lingua had the honour to translate the account of his impressive story

Mr Krone (b. York County, Pennsylvania, 1957), Director of Membership and Training for Witness to Innocence and co-founder of this organisation, spent ten years in Arizona prisons, including three years in death row, for a murder he did not commit. Krone was arrested for the crime of a waitress in a bar where he was an occasional customer. In the first trial, he was condemned to death and in the second, he was sentenced to life in prison. Finally, DNA testing showed he was not the murderer, and he was released from prison 2002. Since then, Krone has been struggling to end the death penalty in his country.