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@mondragonLingua TV is born

Apr 29, 2013

MondragonLingua is launching a new channel for learning languages while watching videos

In 2006, MondragonLingua launched the so-called LINGUAMAIL service. Its goal was to add value to the learning process and offer a new approach to language learning. We turned e-mails into bits of learning that are sent directly to students, who can work on different aspects of language. Since then, we have reached hundreds of students this way.

A few years have passed and now we are embracing a much more ambitious project. We have set new goals. We want to keep the learning bit format, which is dynamic and fun, while helping students improve listening comprehension as well as grammar skills. So the VIDEOLINGUAMAILS will replace the existing LINGUAMAILS later in January 2013.

We will upload VIDEOLINGUAMAILS in Basque and English on the MondragonLingua website once a month. The students will be able to watch the videos, in different language levels, as many times as they like.