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Seminar on automation and innovation in the field of translation

Mar 02, 2011

In collaboration with Eleka and Langune, TAUS has organised a seminar on automation and innovation in the field of translation. The seminar will be held on 10 May in Miramon Technology Park (Donostia-San Sebastián).

TAUS seminars bring together language service providers, the users of these services and technology companies, in order to debate and think about technological innovations and new business models in the field of translation. The Donostia seminar aims to bring together stakeholders from both Spain and abroad, and consequently, the meeting will be held in English.

The contents of the Donostia seminar have been divided into three main blocks:

  1. In the first one, the Director of TAUS, Jaap van der Meer, will offer an historic overview of automatic translation systems and will explain the effect that this technology is having on the industry’s business model. He will also talk about translation in the 21st century, before presenting the results of a survey carried out by TAUS in Spain. Finally, delegates will learn about various initiatives launched by the Basque administrations in this field.
  2. In the second section, five companies will present their experiences in this field. Participants will include (among others) the companies Pangeanic, Celer Solutions and Kutxa.
  3. Finally, the third section will focus on the challenges of the future and the strategies which must be adopted in response to them. The session will be an open one, in which all delegates are invited to participate.

Anyone wishing to attend the seminar should register on the TAUS website.