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UNAIDS' preferred terminology translated into Basque by UZEI

Mar 07, 2013

UZEI has published a glossary containing most of the terms and commonly used expressions recommended by UNAIDS in its Terminology guidelines, which are reviewed on a regular basis

UZEI’s new glossary is an extended version of the previously published AIDS vocabulary (eu, es). The glossary comprises 178 terms in Basque, English, Spanish and French.

UZEI has also translated into Basque the main recommendations provided by UNAIDS concerning the most usual terms and expressions related with AIDS, where both the incorrect or not recommended terms or expressions and the correct or recommended ones are listed.

For example, "AIDS test" and "HIV/AIDS" are not UNAIDS’s preferred terms, since there is no test for AIDS, and referring to "HIV/AIDS" may help the increase the confusion between HIV (a virus) and AIDS (a clinical syndrome).

According to UNAIDS, ‘Language shapes beliefs and may influence behaviours. Considered use of appropriate language has the power to strengthen the global response to the epidemic’.

Hopefully this glossary will be helpful to Basque-speaking people so as to be able to use AIDS-related terminology and expressions that are in line with those preferred by UNAIDS.