Strategic challenges

The aim is to set up various committees to address the following challenges in co-operation and through specific projects:

Creating and developing Langune

  • To achieve greater visibility and acceptance for Langune and the language industry
  • To increase the turnover of the sector and Langune’s members so that the critical mass needed by 2017 can be achieved

Working together and competitiveness

  • To foster mutual co-operation among the sector’s agents in collaboration with Basque industry and other international agents
  • To increase the competitiveness of the sector and of the agents that make up the sector


  • The promote the internationalisation of the language industries and at the same time to assist in the internationalisation of the Basque economy

Technological development and innovation

  • To foster the technological development linked to the language industry and to market this technological development.
  • To channel other kinds of innovation apart from technological innovation, from the starting point of the activities undertaken to increase the level of competitiveness and from a broader perspective provided by operating abroad.